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Rainbow High is an animated series revolving around the drama and glam found at a fast paced fashion high school.

Season one has over sixty million views on YouTube and was ranked in the top 10 TV Shows on Netflix in many countries worldwide, including Spain and the United States. 

With over the top fashion, characters and special effects Pixel Zoo jumped at the chance to bring MGA Entertainment’s popular doll line to life.

We Are Rainbow High Sizzle Reel

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Unlike most animated shows, because Rainbow High revolves around a fashion and design high school, each character has many outfits throughout the show.

This culminated in a season finale fashion show where Pixel Zoo created some over the top outfits, using simulation and special effects to end the season with a bang.

The team had a great time testing and working out the outfits-everything from a dress that unfolded from a swarm of butterflies, to a dress made out of active lightning.


Rainbow High Season 4 Teaser

Rainbow High Season 4 teaser cover
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