The Secrets of Sunflower Valley

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Pixel Zoo Presents: The Secrets of Sunflower Valley

This is our first project release from a new arm of the studio known as ‘Pixel Labs’. ‘The Secrets Of Sunflower Valley’ is a spooky-action-comedy children’s show that combines cute stop-motion aesthetics from shows such as Postman Pat, Fireman Sam and Noddy, and throws in some monster movie themes, while still keeping a wholesome, heart-warming feel.

In each episode, a new monster descends upon the residents of Sunflower Valley.

Madness and mayhem ensue – but we’ll soon find that looks can be deceiving. These monsters aren’t all as mean and scary as they first seem. As the dust settles, and a new sun rises, the mysterious Sunflower Stone resets the landscape and brings on the next day’s peril. Adults and children alike will be left wondering, ‘what monster’s coming next?!’

The Secrets of Sunflower Valley - Episode 1

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Animated in Maya, and rendered in Unreal Engine 5, we’re incredibly proud of how well everything came together, from achieving that miniature handcrafted aesthetic, to the stop-motion stepped animation to all of the lighting and effects. Check out our ‘Production Showcase’ for a behind-the-scenes look at our process.


The Secrets of Sunflower Valley - Production Showcase

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